Friday, 21 September 2012

Can you cry underwater?

Lots of people have attempted to answer this question but no one has got it yet. It seems quite strange when you think about it but I think you can. No one would be able to see you crying which may be quite nice as it won't look like you have been crying, your face will be wet anyway and if you open your eyes underwater they will go red like when you cry. I suppose it depends how deep you are, if you are really deep in the ocean, the pressure may be too high for you to be able to cry and the tears may not be able to come out. You would run out of breath very easily if you try and do this as you breath a lot when you cry. You would have to come up quite a bit so that you get enough oxygen.

Please comment with your own opinions! Thanks!


  1. some really good points, especially the part about it being nice because no-one can tell you have been crying. I don't think you can cry underwater, because you would be too busy trying not to drown so the fear would overwhelm the sadness.

  2. That is very true, If it was just a swimming pool then you may not be scared as you can't really drown in a pool unless you can't swim. Thank you for leaving a comment!!!