Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Special: Are ghosts real?

Ghosts... what are they? Do they look like cartoons? Do they look like the person or animal that they were? Can you see them? ARE THEY REAL?

Lots of people ask questions about ghosts but no one can really answer them. Kids get scared of ghosts as they see them in movies and they are interpreted as scary but if they do exist then they may be nice! Ghosts may be scared of us and that may be why we can't see them, they might stay hidden!

In movies, ghosts are used to scare people. I think they are quite scary because they are 'The living dead' and can move things without you seeing them doing it. It makes some people feel unsettled thinking that there is someone near them that they can't see, touch, taste or smell (you may be able to hear them) and they can't really do anything about it. However, some people enjoy seeing horror movies with ghosts in them. This may be because they enjoy being frightened. They might find it fun or exciting, it just depends on your personality really!

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Can you tickle yourself?

Many people say that they can tickle themselves but the truth is, YOU CAN'T!!! You tickle mostly because of surprise. Even if you know that you're about to be tickled, you might not know where, so you react by being ticklish. When you try and tickle yourself, it doesn't usually work because your brain already knows when and where you are going to do it. You can't surprise yourself so you can't tickle yourself! Some people say that they can tickle themselves but that may just say that because they are scratching themselves, which you can feel, instead of tickling themselves as it is quite difficult to get your hands in the right position because you don't know when they are in the right position as you don't laugh!

Funny fact: 
The only place that you can tickle yourself is the top of your mouth! Try it! This may be because the roof of your mouth is not used to being touched like this and it surprises you.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Do pets like living with us?

Lots of people have dogs, cats, rabbits etc. as pets, but do they like living with us? I have a dog and a cat and they seem to like it but do they really? Maybe my dog gets too tired and doesn't like waking up early for her walks; just like we don't like waking up early for school or work. Maybe my cat feels left out because I am always playing with my dog. No one knows... What if  our pets don't like the food that we give them? What can they do? They can't tell us!

I know that cats have more freedom than dogs but why? Surely dogs are responsible enough too? Dogs may be jealous of cats as dogs have to do what their owners tell them too;  just like siblings are jealous of each other because the older one can do more things.

Overall, I think that our pets like living with us but also may get frustrated sometimes. Our pets get food, water and a nice shelter to stay in and they have a loving family to spend time with. They may get hungry a lot as we don't really know when they like to eat and dogs might not want to go on walks when we do.

Watch this video of a kitten having a nightmare. It's so cute and it shows you what cats can actually do!

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Monday, 8 October 2012

Why do we dream? Do they have a meaning?

Dreaming is a thing that we all do and don't really think about. You often hear people telling each other their strange, funny, scary, sad or happy dreams and them trying to explain it but its too difficult. When little kids wake up in the middle of the night crying about a bad dream, their parents comfort them and they fall back asleep and the dreams are never heard of again.
I know that I remember some of my dreams from when I was about 7 and I will never forget them but I'm not sure if that happens to anyone else. I'm sure certain dreams stick with people for the rest of their lives but which ones?
Our dreams are often beyond our imaginations and we can only see them in our heads. We can't really draw or explain them very well and even if we can the person that we are telling it to has a different picture in their head from what you saw.
But no one knows if they have a meaning. They could pretty much mean anything. If you have a dream of a beautiful girl then you might think you are ugly and you might be jealous of someone. If you dream of food it might mean that you are hungry. But if you have a dream of a burning candle then it might mean that your life is burning away. There is no way of telling.

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Another world?

Have you ever thought about there being another world somewhere out there with another species that we don't know about? I know it sounds strange but we may never know if there really is a parallel universe. There might be another planet millions of light years away that is just like ours or maybe even more advanced, trying to look for other life forms like us. There is no way of telling what they look like, they may not even exist but scientists are still looking for them. The creatures living there could look like us or even completely different, beyond our imaginations. They may have 9 legs, 6 arms and 1 eye or each strand of their hair a different colour and ears the size of our hands. It sounds like they would look very funny but it would be normal for them!

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