Monday, 8 October 2012

Why do we dream? Do they have a meaning?

Dreaming is a thing that we all do and don't really think about. You often hear people telling each other their strange, funny, scary, sad or happy dreams and them trying to explain it but its too difficult. When little kids wake up in the middle of the night crying about a bad dream, their parents comfort them and they fall back asleep and the dreams are never heard of again.
I know that I remember some of my dreams from when I was about 7 and I will never forget them but I'm not sure if that happens to anyone else. I'm sure certain dreams stick with people for the rest of their lives but which ones?
Our dreams are often beyond our imaginations and we can only see them in our heads. We can't really draw or explain them very well and even if we can the person that we are telling it to has a different picture in their head from what you saw.
But no one knows if they have a meaning. They could pretty much mean anything. If you have a dream of a beautiful girl then you might think you are ugly and you might be jealous of someone. If you dream of food it might mean that you are hungry. But if you have a dream of a burning candle then it might mean that your life is burning away. There is no way of telling.

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  1. sometimes I dream that I need the loo but I can't find a toilet, and that is usually because I actually do need the loo. I still remember dreams from when I was little - not what was in them as much as how they made me feel (usually scared). I wish I could remember the happy dreams as well as the frightening ones!

  2. A fascinating post - I think the interpretation of the dream shows far more about someone than the actual dream itself... although when I dreamt that I was in a cereal factory, I think it really did just show that I love Quaker Oat Crisp.

  3. Dreams are so interesting. My earliest memory is part of a nightmare I had when I was still sleeping in a crib. I would have forgotten it long ago, but I kept remembering it when I was a little boy, so I suppose it stuck with me.

    Sometimes now when I wake up, I try to remember details of the dreams I've just had, especially the happy ones, but it seems very difficult once I've been awake for a minute or two.

    Great blog!