Monday, 26 November 2012

What did it look like before the big bang?

Science is such an amazing subject and you can learn so much from it. But first you have to get your head around it all! This question is beyond anyone's mind but I keep asking it to myself. What was it like before the big bang? What colour was it? Was it white or black? Or maybe even pinkIt can't have been see-through because there would have to be something BEHIND that... It is beyond anyone's imagination...

This shows what scientists have discovered about the big bang so far. It is so advanced but amazing how they could find this out from hardly anything!

Scientists believe that the universe was a teeny-tiny speck of dust which then exploded. But how is that possible? I still don't understand how people have found this out though... It must have taken YEARS of research!

The universe is also expanding as we speak but into what? It is travelling so fast but where to? There has to be SOMETHING outside of it... Maybe another world like one of my previous posts or maybe it looks like what it did billions of years ago before the big bang happened.

I wonder if anyone or anything was alive to witness the big bang... But that isn't possible is it? And even if someone WAS there, they would have died in the bang...

There is no true answer to this mystery so I'll just have to leave it there. Thank you for reading this post and please explore the new pages that I have put at the top of the page. There is a whole page for questions you want me to answer so please comment! I would love to hear your opinions too and you can comment on this post! See you next week!


  1. It is impossible to imagine, you're right. The idea that something infinitesimally small exploded to become the universe that is now infinitely large makes my head hurt!

  2. Phew ! A Big Question indeed! It's the idea that something can come from nothing isn't it? But I suppose it only had to happen once. And yes - if it's an expanding universe, WHAT is it expanding into?

    I think I need a lie down!

  3. Talk about impossible questions!

    Theoretical physicists these days tend to say that there was no space before the "Big Bang," and that the only space that exists now is the space created as the universe expanded from that tiny dot, the singularity.

    My head hurts now. :)

    Great post!

  4. if the universe is tiny dot then what happened with him so that it starts expending????? and where is expending??