Monday, 19 November 2012

Why do some men go bald and others don't?

This question was asked to me by The Apologist. I give a very special thank you to The Apologist and you have been a great reader. I hope you like the answer!

Some scientists say that going bald has something to do with your sexual hormones and one way to ensure against hair loss is to sacrifice something else. For example, during the Middle Ages and nearly into the 1800s, certain choir boys with very beautiful voices were castrated before reaching puberty to avoid the change of voice. Scientists say that these boys didn't go bald and it makes it clear that sexual hormones play a role in hair loss.

I don't think you should sacrifice something like that just to keep your hair on your head. People look just as good without hair and besides, if you DO keep your hair, it will eventually turn grey and not many people want that...!

Hair loss probably also gets passed down to your children so if your grandpa has no hair, then you probably won't have any when you are his age as well! But you never know, you might not have that gene!

Thank you everyone and please comment with your opinions and questions that you have been wanting the answer for. See you next week!


  1. That's really scary! My uncle is partially bald and he is only 32!!!!!! xx

  2. my dad has huge bald spots!!! ha ha ha

  3. Did you know that some women go bald in the same way as men? Not nearly as many, but it does happen.

  4. Thanks for your reply - even though it's a bit scary! :-)

    I started losing my hair at about aged 28 - and yes, it started with a bald spot! Now I'm in my fifties, I don't have much left, but I'm very proud of it. Unfortunately it's also gone grey! But I do have what I like to think is quite a fine beard! So I don't really know why I lost it off my head!

    I think it's probably down to genes myself - although I'm not sure whose. My brothers and my dad still have fine heads of hair!

    Look forward to next week's post.

  5. Very interesting!

    The gene comes from your mother's father, but not all boys inherit it. My maternal grandfather was completely bald on top, and one of my brothers and I inherited that gene (though I don't look completely like a billiard ball yet). One of my brothers, on the other hand, never lost a bit of hair.

    Keep up the great blog!